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Our team of experienced copywriters is at your service ready to help get your message across.

Getting a script written doesn't have to involve hypertension, panic or running around like the proverbial headless "chook".

Do your heart a favour. Call on the reliable Copywriting team at Media Group.

Our Copywriters can't wait to get their heads into your briefs.They're chomping at the bit to make a start on a script designed to get your message out there.

Writing good effective copy doesn't come easy to most. It's a craft that takes learning and practice. Copywriting is communicating using an economy of words. And writing for the spoken word is very different to writing for a print medium.

Our Copywriters understand and know how to achieve the impact you desire to get you message across to your target audience.

The Copywriters on our team understand the finer nuances of writing for professional voice over actors. They know that professional voice artists don't just read words. Instead they inject unwritten elements into to a script. They understand the use of oral devices such as inflection, tone, speed and ... pause.

Exploiting all the tricks of how a spoken script communicates is an essential part of effective copywriting. So when you need a script for radio, television, an e-Learning project or the telephone our Copywriters are fit for the task.

Send us your brief. In a few lines outline the message you wish to get across. We will begin preparing a draft script.

You may have already commenced writing a draft. Or you may have a similar script that you developed previously. This sort of material should be included with your brief. Send anything you believe will be useful for our writers.

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