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Phone Messages

A well written, professionally voiced Welcome Message presents the best impression of your business

As soon as the telephone is answered, callers begin forming an opinion of your company. Your old customers will already have a perception of your business and this will be reinforced by what they hear over the phone..

A quality Welcome Message will help reassure callers they have made a good decision to do business with you.

The Welcome Message should also remind them you are a professional organisation and one that cares about customers.

If you get a call from a potential new customer you only have a few moments to communicate the care and professionalism existing customers have come to expect.

Those first moments of contact are important. It's the point where you have the opportunity to communicate the company image you want to project to the world.

For your Welcome Message to do the job properly it should be created and recorded by professional communicators. It must "sound right". Clear and free of distortion with the right wording. And most importantly, the message should be read by a voice over professional.

Media Group, the business audio specialists, understand the impact a Welcome Message has in creating the first impression of your business.

Whether the call is from a potential new customer or an existing one, you want your organisation to be presented as professional and business oriented, but also warm and approachable.

When you place an order for a Messages On Hold program we include the Welcome Message as part of the package. Your Welcome Message will be supplied as a separate file in the format you request and ready to be loaded into your company telephone system.

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The following two examples of Welcome Messages are for your reference.

Example of a typical Welcome Message: Welcome and thank you for calling (insert your Company Name and core product/service description or slogan) Please stay on the line and a member of our friendly team will be right with you.

A typical Welcome Message for Medical Services: Welcome and thank you for calling (here insert the name of the Doctor or Medical Centre) If this call concerns a medical emergency you are advised to hang up now and dial 000 to call an ambulance. If there is no immediate medical emergency, please stay on the line and a member of our team will be with you in just a moment.