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Phone Messages

To replay Messages On Hold some systems need an external player.

Most recently made telephone systems have an in built facility to replay a program of Messages On Hold however older designs may need an external audio player

We recommend the tried and tested MOH 1200. This unit has a track record of reliability and performance that is hard to beat.

The MOH 1200 is a compact solid state player that is easy to operate, very dependable and simple for a technician to incorporate with your telephone system.

The unit has a 3-year warranty and comes with installation directions, its own power supply and audio lead.

Using a standard USB memory stick or "thumb drive" to store messages, the MOH 1200 makes it easy to keep your On Hold Messages program up to date.

To alter or update a message you have only to download the revised message to your PC or Laptop and then transfer the revision to the USB memory stick.

This simple procedure means you can always have your messages up to date and relevant.

After loading the new message(s) onto the USB thumb drive put it back into the MOH 1200 and switch on the power. The revised On Hold program will now play.

The MOH 1200 has a speaker to check that messages are playing correctly. There is also a volume knob to set the replay level your callers hear over the telephone.

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