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In Store Music

In Store Music helps create the perfect shopping environment.

You'll have a lot of fun choosing the music tracks to play on your In Store Music program, and our music experts will be there to help.

You get to choose from any of our Royalty Free Music libraries. Of course you have the final say on what actual tracks are to be included

The music genre your customers hear will be the sort of music they prefer. There are a tremendous number of choices in all music genres and new music is added every month.

You probably already know what sort of music your customers prefer to listen to.

We know our music libraries inside and out.

Together we'll decide what tracks to put in the playlists, but the final decision rests with you.

We find most store owners enjoy playing the "DJ" so it doesn't take long start creating playlists that are sure to appeal to your customers.

You will be kept up-to-date with new song releases and we will review your playlists together to keep your In Store Music program sounding great.

Take a moment now to sample some tracks of our Royalty Free Music, click here.