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In Store Music

Our free 30 day trial offer demonstrates the real selling power of In Store Music.

You'll never know what you are missing if you don't give it a whirl! So we are giving you the chance to run your own In Store Music program, obligation free for 30 days.

There's no gimmick. Just the impact of this amazing point of purchase tool. It's like having your own radio station right there in the shop.

This Free 30 Day Trial means we will create a special program for you. This is not something we prepared earlier!

We'll select music designed to appeal to your customers. We will write and record promotional messages to include in the program. Then we'll send the program to you with its own special player.

It's an In Store Music program, on a FREE 30 Day Trial.

The music tracks your customers will hear will come from our vast library of Royalty Free Music. We will choose tracks from the music genres that have a special appeal to your customer profile

Mixed in with the music tracks we will place some promotional messages. These messages will be written and professionally produced to be relevant to your customer.

The announcements will feature the voices of some of our male and female voice over artists. Specialists in their field.

We will record the messages in our state of the art digital recording studios located in Nerang on the Queensland Gold Coast.

These are the same studios where we produce radio commercials, online programs and TV audio tracks for some of Australia's leading brands.

While this is only a sample program, our aim is to make this FREE TRIAL sound just as polished and professional as any full length In Store Music program.

We plan to give your customers the same In Store Music experience that could be driving the cash register at your place.

Along with the FREE TRIAL program we will send you a player unit that is identical to the one used to run the normal full length In Store Music program.

All you have to do is connect the player to any suitable amplifier and speakers.

We supply both the player unit and the sample program with no obligation to continue after the initial 30 day FREE TRIAL

At the end of the 30 Day FREE TRIAL you may choose to keep the player unit and subscribe to In Store Music OR simply return the equipment.

If you decide to take on a subscription to have In Store Music at your place you can be sure customers will enjoy a whole new shopping experience.

Your customers will hear a great selection of music playing and be kept informed about any sales promotions or special offers by listening to the announcements spread throughout the In Store Music program.

The music play lists will use selected tracks from our Royalty Free Music library.

That means you won't be burdened any annual fees Australian businesses using commercial music normally have to pay to APRA and PPCA.

Your customers will enjoy the music because the selected tracks have been carefully chosen to appeal to them.

Also they won't have to put up with an onslaught of ads from your competitors. With In Store Music playing, the only messages are yours and made according to your directions.

You might wish to promote a summer sale or special offer. Maybe you want to include a Festive season message. Our team of experienced copywriters are at your service. We will write any message you require and submit the wording for your approval.

When you have given the script your final OK our professional male and female voice artists will record the message at our digital recording studios.

We make this 30 Day FREE TRIAL offer with no catches. No obligations. Our aim is to let you know how well In Store Music can work for you. "How can Media Group afford to make such a complete and generous, free offer?"

Quite simply we know how well it works. So we know you'll soon see the effect the program has in creating a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to shopping and reinforces your point of sale activities.

We know once you have tried it at your place you will not want to be without In Store Music.

Experience In Store Music at you place with a30 Day FREE TRIAL click here.