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In Store Music

Tell customers what promotions and store events are happening with no distractions from competitors

In Store Music not only lets you create the best "vibe" with the right music playing, you also get to "own the airwaves". You have complete control of the listening environment at your place.

Customers at your store can only hear the music you have selected and the messages you have asked us to write and record.

This has to be next best to owing a radio station! Even better, yours is the only radio station on the airwaves!

Your customers will not be brought down with depressing songs splattered with crude lyrics. There will be no mood-busting negativity, no political ads or fake news and best of all, no competitor advertising.

Along with the music tracks selected on the play lists, your customers can only hear the announcements and promotional messages you want them to hear.

You might like to include some short messages to reinforce your current ad campaign. Maybe add some POS punch to a seasonal sale.

You could get together with a regular supplier to create a special offer just for your store. You can use your messages to promote the offer without having to incur any media expenditure.

The messages you include with an In Store Music program give you endless opportunities.

The messages will sound great too. You'll get to brief our professional Copywriters to create the scripts just for you.

When you are happy with the wording, the messages will be recorded in our modern studios using professional voice artists and directed by our experienced Producers and Engineers.

You'll soon realise that your own In Store Music program helps entertain and inform your customers. Above all it makes your place a more enjoyable place to shop.

By working with our experienced In Store Music experts, you'll be able to get the right mix of music and messages playing in store.

We will work with you to ascertain the optimum number of replays and the time of day each announcement will appear within the In Store Music program.

We will also work with you to finalise the selection of music. Together we will create the playlists for the In Store Music program using tracks in the style of music preferred by your customers.

You probably already have a good idea of the sort of music that your customers like.

As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we know the music that works. With In Store Music we will create a unique blend of sound for your store.

We will help ensure you get the most out of your In Store Music programs. We know you will soon see the benefits in rising sales figures and increased customer loyalty.

Then as you talk to others in your industry and you mention those results we are confident we will have created a situation where everybody wins.

As a way of illustrating the quality and type of announcements we write and produce for In Store Music, we invite you to listen to some typical samples. Click here.